February 24, 2021
Bonus Week

Bonus Week

Ever thought about inviting your friends to Poll Pay? Now is the perfect time to earn money together.

For the next week (24.02.-03.03.) both you and your friends can double your friend rewards!

Thats right, double friends rewards for a whole week! Let’s recap what that means for you:

  • Invite friends: Navigate to the Invite tab at the bottom right of the app / left in the browser. Invite your friends and acquaintances by sharing your invite code with them!
  • Invitation Reward: You thought making 15% of what people you invited earn was a good deal? Double that and make 30% of their rewards for a whole week!
  • Starter Boost: Anyone you invite also doubles their starting bonus from 0,25$ to an incredible 0,50$. Make sure to help your friends secure this first step towards their payout!

Don’t let this opportunity pass. Make this week count and invite your friends now!