February 17, 2021
Year of the Ox

Year of the Ox

The 12th of february marks the beginning of the lunar new year. Also called spring festival, 春节 or chinese new year, it is most prominently celebrated in China and other asian countries.

Based on the lunar calendar, it is a festive occasion for family to get together and celebrate.

An abundance of traditions and superstitions make this the perfect opportunity to maximize your luck and wealth in the year to come.

Did you know:

  • Festival Duration: The spring festival lasts for 16 days in 2021 and ends on february 26th. Since it is based on the lunar calendar, the exact date changes from year to year.
  • Animal Attribution: The chinese Zodiac features 12 animals, each representing a year every 12 years. The year 2022 will be the year of the tiger.
  • Maximize your luck: Many actions, items and even words carry significance during this time and can be percieved as lucky or unlucky. Make sure to wear red colors, eat lucky foods like oranges and fish and avoid the number 4!

Our tip: Use this auspicious time to make use of your good fortune. Maybe all that next survey needs is a little bit of extra luck!